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International Tours for Seniors

For over 25 years, SST Tours has provided wonderful travel experiences to thousands of guests. We’re constantly adding new and exciting destinations to our repertoire, so that you can have the best possible options to choose from. It’s for this reason, as well as our great attention to detail that groups continue to return to SST Tours. In fact, many of our loyal customers took their first international tour with us in 1985, and have traveled the world with us since.

Our special tours divisions, Bank Tours Direct and Chamber Discoveries, focuses on the special needs of the unique Bank Travel and Chamber Discoveries market.

We are committed to the service and support you require in order to provide your travelers and members with the best travel experience possible. From the first moment you speak to us to the end of your tour, you can be confident that SST Tours will make sure every detail is taken care of.

Greece, the Sunny Med & Turkey
French Riviera, Provence and Italy